At Prinzo & Associates, we are a team of professionals dedicated to affecting positive change in the lives of our clients. The COVID19 crisis arrived in the peak of our busiest season. When the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ordered all non-essential businesses to cease physical operations, we transitioned to a remote work structure (CPA firms were subsequently granted a waiver, but for the safety of our team, our families, and our clients, we have decided to keep our office closed for the time being).

The plan was to do our best to keep up with tax return preparation and respond to client needs as they came up. However, in our first virtual meeting, we discussed the were many relief efforts in the works, but there was little consensus on the specifics of the various plans. It became clear to us that tax returns can wait, and that our expertise could be better used in helping the small business owners and families in our community better understand and access the relief they needed.

We hope to be able to provide information in a number of formats and forums over the coming weeks. We also look forward to sharing the stories we hear from clients in the hope that their experience can help others. When we find opportunities to help, we’ll share those as well.

We look forward to seeing this crisis in the rear-view mirror and getting back to helping our clients grow their businesses and plan for their future. Until then, we want to lead a constructive and valuable conversation to help us all get through this crisis quickly, safely, and successfully. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook change to get our latest updates.

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