Economic Impact Payments and How to Track Them

We have been receiving an overwhelming amount of questions this week surrounding Economic Impact Payments, so we wanted to send out an informative post to address some of these concerns.

At Prinzo & Associates, the only assistance we can currently offer surrounding EIPs is to help you determine your eligibility based on data from your 2018 or 2019 tax returns or to confirm whether or not you have a direct deposit account on file. All other issues are unfortunately out of our hands, and with limited access to IRS representatives, we are unable to field individualized questions.

On 4/15/2020, the IRS rolled out a tool to help individuals track the statuses of their payments.

This is available here: . The IRS has urged people not to be alarmed if their payment status is not available immediately. Since this is a brand new application and direct deposits just started rolling out this week, it will take some time before all of the kinks are worked out, so we urge you to continually check this site if your status is undeterminable. 

We hope this information helps and that a lot of you will be receiving your payments soon!

Posted by pr1nz04550c14t35 / Posted on 16 Apr
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